Logo for my friend’s clothing line

Logo for my friend's clothing line

Learning by doing. Yes, I do’nt take graphics class for develope my skill. But, I learn to everything, everywhere, and everyone.

Ma friend asked me to create a logo for his new brand. And, tadaaa. Tbh, I made some options to him. And it’s the adorable one‚ú®


Rehearsal Ad Work

Rehearsal For Print Ad 2 (Bravo Mild Jahe)

The one of my fav own print ad, yihaa. *are you mad?* I love the copy, it’s mine. Altought, it looks so general and ordinary, my rehearsal feels so cool, a bit of nut haha. yaa babe, I finished to killing the time, for waiting my friend ideas. But, unfortunately my friend rejected my cool cigarette advertisment, whaaatt ? Oke fine, it was not disaster just a lil bit of shocking terapy. What do ya think?